The Law Offices of Don Tittle is a trial law firm that handles both civil and criminal cases throughout Texas, and nationwide.

Recognized as an advocate for civil rights, serious personal injury, and wrongful death litigation, the Law Offices of Don Tittle has prevailed in some of the most highly publicized cases of police misconduct and civil rights violations in Texas.

Selected in 2014 as one of the Top 100 trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers, Don Tittle has successfully represented hard working people and their families against some of America’s largest insurance companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and governmental agencies at both the state and local level.

Our track record of success is a direct result of the personal attention and commitment made to each client.

Dallas Civil Rights Lawyer

As the leading civil rights firm in Dallas, The Law Offices of Don Tittle won’t let civil rights violations go ignored. With decades of experience fighting injustices throughout Texas, we understand the serious consequences caused by violations of one’s basic human rights.

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

At The Law Offices of Don Tittle, PLLC, we take personal injury seriously. Over the years, we have come to understand the devastating consequences that an unforeseen injury can have on your life and the lives of your family and loved ones. We understand the importance of this loss and are committed to aggressively pursuing your legal rights.

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Offices of Don Tittle has provided counsel to hundreds of people charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to first degree felonies. As a firm that is outcome-oriented, we understand that every scenario should be fully explored prior to making a decision as to whether to enter into a plea agreement or go to trial.

Attorney Don Tittle

Attorney Don TittleWithover 25 years of experience, Don Tittle has tried numerous criminal and civil cases to verdict. After gaining invaluable experience in the courtroom as an Assistant District Attorney, he went into private practice in 1993.

The Law Offices of Don Tittle has the expertise and financial resources to accept tough, complex cases. Whether a case lasts a few months or several years, the firm’s total commitment to the case never ceases.

Selected in 2014

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“I’ve known Don for more than 25 years. We have worked on cases together and I can testify firsthand to what an out- standing lawyer he is. More important though, I can testify to what kind of person he is. I highly recommend Don Tittle to anyone in need of a top notch trial lawyer.” - George Chandler, (Past President, Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
“I’ve worked with, around and against lawyers for 25 years in local, state and federal courts. When my wife and I needed a lawyer to represent us, we turned to Don Tittle. He did a great job representing our interests from the beginning to the end of the case, and we were more than pleased with the result.” - Dennis Brady, (Client; FBI Agent)
“We came to Don without any prior experience in the legal system. He immediately put us at ease by taking control of our situation. Don is very compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable. We were very impressed with him and would highly recommend Don to our family and friends.” - Laura & Mike, Dallas TX (Clients)
“Because of Don’s expertise and experience, I was able to trust him completely with my case during a very difficult time in my life. He worked hard for me and truly cared about me and my family. Don has a well-earned, distinguished reputation among his peers, and even his opponents, as a skillful and highly-respected attorney. He was an invaluable advocate to have on my side.” - Mike Rhodes, Waco TX (Client)
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* Legal Disclosure: The above newspaper articles are reproductions of actual articles that have been published by various news outlets. Pursuant to the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 7.02(a)(2), disclosure of the nature of the case, injuries sustained by the client, and all fees and expenses is required for cases in which a gross amount is stated within a public media advertisement. In order to comply with these rules, see the below links to our Verdicts & Settlements page for a full description of each case that correlates to any article above which states a gross amount in the published title of the article.

“Dallas settles with 16 in fake drug frame-ups”   |   “Man awarded $406,500 from fake drug arrest”   |   “$1.2M to go to family of woman who died in jail”   |   “Deputies to receive $2 million in lawsuit”   |   “Woman wins $1.2 million settlement after Dallas police interrogation”   |   “Jury awards $433,200 to 16 for police DWI scam”   |   “Inmate awarded $900K over care”   |   “Dallas County to pay $550,000 to settle jail neglect suit”   |   “Officer gets $315,000 in retaliation lawsuit”   |   “City Council approves $500,000 settlement for motorcyclist whose beating was caught on police dash-cam”